Premium landscaping timber on the Sunshine Coast

Our selection of high-quality landscaping timber, including robust timber sleepers, is perfect for transforming any outdoor space into a stunning natural retreat.

Transform Your Outdoor Space with real timber

Our extensive selection of landscaping timber caters to all your outdoor needs. Whether you're crafting a tranquil garden retreat or a functional outdoor living area, our products offer both aesthetic appeal and practical durability. Choose from our diverse range, each piece selected for its quality and suitability for the Sunshine Coast environment.

Directline Timbers Landscaping Timber Range

Hardwood Timber Sleepers

Our Hardwood Sleepers are an ideal choice for robust and enduring landscaping projects. Known for their strength and longevity, these sleepers are perfect for constructing hard-wearing retaining walls, durable garden beds, and other outdoor structures.

With their natural resilience and appealing grain patterns, Hardwood Sleepers add a timeless and elegant touch to any landscape design on the Sunshine Coast.

Softwood Timber Sleepers

Choose our Pine Sleepers for a versatile and cost-effective landscaping solution. These sleepers are treated for outdoor use, making them a practical option for garden edging, lightweight retaining walls, and decorative features.

Pine Sleepers offer a combination of durability and aesthetic appeal, providing a more budget-friendly alternative while still enhancing the beauty and functionality of your outdoor spaces.

Landscape Timbers for Edging & Fencing

Our Landscape Timbers for Edging and Fencing are the perfect choice for those looking to define garden spaces or create attractive fencing. These timbers are specifically designed for outdoor use, ensuring they withstand the elements while providing a neat, tidy finish to your landscaping projects.

Why Choose Directline Timbers for your Landscaping Timber?

Versatility for All Landscaping Needs

Our range of landscaping timber, including the popular timber sleepers, offers endless possibilities for your outdoor projects. They are ideal for everything from raised garden beds to elegant walkways and rustic fences.

Sustainably Sourced

We are committed to environmental responsibility. Our landscaping timber is sustainably sourced, ensuring your outdoor projects contribute to the health of the planet.

Durability in all Sunshine Coast Conditions

Specially treated to withstand the Sunshine Coast climate, our timber is resistant to rot, decay, and pests, ensuring your landscapes look beautiful for years to come.

Visit Us for Your Landscaping Timber Needs

Explore our selection of landscaping timber and timber sleepers at Directline Timbers. Visit our timberyard to see the quality firsthand and get professional advice for your outdoor projects. Let us help you turn your landscaping ideas into reality with the best materials and service on the Sunshine Coast. To get a quote, speak to someone on our team today at (07) 5479 2344.

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